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Aureal combine knowledge and experience  of a young multidisciplinary group in order to make innovation in the digital age.

Aureal. nFT art & architecture

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Aureal is a multidisciplinary group born during the great pandemic of 2020. It currently consists of a young team of architects, 3D artists, visual artists, BIM experts and virtual world enthusiasts who combine their knowledge and experience in order to make innovation in the digital age and breaking down the barriers between the two worlds: virtual and real.

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Great Attention To Detail

we Innovate And Bring New Possibilities In Digital world
to generate a positive impact on the real world


Our professional knowledge helps us create valuable “objects” that our buyers can enjoy in both the virtual and real world. We firmly believe that the organic interaction between these two realities represents a great opportunity for the future. We want to design a better world in virtuality that has a positive impact also in the real world and renewing the way we interact and conceive physical space.

Aureal gradually wants to create an international network of collaborations with young and innovative realities, thus creating many different and motivating contexts in which to take action.


Architect / Visual Designer / graphic & Web designer

In 1998 buyed First Game Boy with Super Mario Land. In 2003 met the love: one f***ing skateboard. In 2006 cried of happiness cause of World Cup. Now as then, continues to draw compulsively every day. He is fat. That’s all.


Architect / cartoonist

Created in 1989 from the union of Jacques Cousteau and Akira Toriyama. After hanging around for years between Italy, Germany, Portugal and England in the real world he is planning to settle in the virtual one. Dreamer and architect.


Architect / Bim Expert

In 1995 approached the first PC: discovered and played Wolfenstein 3D, it was the day found out computer and the virtual world. In 2017 wrotes Master degree on “Ephemeral Architecture”. If you ever meet him, Gin Tonic stirred not shaken!


Architect / 3D Artist

1989, somewhere between the neocortex and thalamus, his first immaginary metaverse world. Sometimes lands on the real world, where is known as architect / 3D artist and herbalist.


Virtual Reality Developer / Gamer

He no longer needs to move thanks to his electrical and digital automation skills. He reads only from right to left due to the amount of manga he swallows. 




Our Expertise


Design & build

We design a residential architecture project, complete and studied in every aspect, from the structure to the furnishings.



The architectural spaces, the technological solutions, the materials, the furnishings and all the other elements that make up the full project.


Interior Design

We design to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for the people using the space.


Digital Art

We create a unique digital art piece (NFT) that represents our project set in a captivating landscape context.


Construction Management

From digital twin to real world: we deliver the project ready to be built everywhere you wants and can be customized to suit your needs.


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